Greetings From Constantine Zalalas

Dear fellow Christian,

    In today's perilous times, (2 Tim.3: 1) the enemies of Orthodox Christianity are not only numerous but within the very walls of the church; the weeds of neo-idolatry, syncretism, secularism, and pan-heresy are blooming and de-Christianizing the confused members of the Orthodox church of Christ. Today more than ever we need to abide by Saint Paul's deception-proof recipe found in the second letter to the Thessalonians, Stand fast and hold on to the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle. (2:15) The Lord gives the same instruction to the bishop of Thyateira and accordingly to all the sincere members of his body, Hold on what you have until I come back (Rev. 2:25). The true gospel of Christ, the fullness of Christianity and its ability to heal today's heavily burdened man remain in the bosom of Traditional Orthodoxy, the ark of salvation.

    Orthodoxy came to this hemisphere over one hundred years ago and the leadership of the church in its vast majority instructed the priests to alter their traditional attire, in order to facilitate the establishment of the Church. It was thought that these "progressive" measures would help make us more acceptable to the financially powerful Catholic and Protestant denominations. Unfortunately, we have been overly influenced by the superficial theology of these secular forms of Christianity and now we find ourselves in the position of the bishops of Sardis and Laodicea; we have a name that we live but we are dead or at best, lukewarm. Christ is calling us to WAKE UP!!!

    My dear family in Christ, it would seem that this century long American Orthodox experiment has missed its mark. We have no saintly fathers or elders to speak of with the exception of several Russian Orthodox Saints who practiced the very traditional form of Orthodoxy. In the same period in the small country of Greece, alone we can name and boast about many dozens of sanctified, miraculous, truly charismatic, and saintly fathers. Today more than ever we need to bring to the surface the bright example of these saintly contemporary fathers and their God-Inspired Traditional Orthodox teachings to help us understand that holiness is attainable; purification, illumination and theosis are attainable even in these dark ages of materialism, atheism and secularism.

    It has been the desire of the sister societies of Saint Nikodemos Publications (Bethlehem, PA) and Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite Publications Society (Northampton, PA) to make available to the English speaking Orthodox brothers and sisters the lives, struggles, and teachings of these contemporary spiritual "supersonics" (Tape A-15). By the grace of the Holy Triune God and the intercessions of our patron Saint Nikodemos of Holy Mountain, the support of a great number of our brothers and sisters in the US and Canada, our societies have been able to publish and circulate over 20 books and 180 audio/CD/mp3 recordings. They deal mainly with the lives and teachings of these illumined contemporary fathers. We would like to thank our editors, typists, proofreaders, cassette/CD/MP3 duplicators and everyone who will make the effort to share this catalog and its content with another soul for the redemption of which Christ gave his Blood.

Constantine Zalalas
Saint Nikodemos Publications
Bethlehem PA

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